Matthias's people

The Guardians of Zion

Traits Edit

  • Humanoid
  • Gray skin & White hair
  • Sometimes bear patterns on their skin resembling tatooes
  • Yellow, pupil-less eyes
  • Pointed Ears
  • Unusually tall (Matthias is short for his people, at 7 feet)

Culture Edit

Iskill are native to the Galaxy Bima Sakti. They are one of the "Common" races, along with the Chisk and Kin-kin. They have lower body temperatures than most and usually were heavy clothing. They have strange biology and Lactose affects them like alcohol affects most others. They mate for life.

Their society is old and heavily based on tradition. Heroes in their past, real and fictional, are respected and honored in numerous different holidays. They are considered strong allies and will honor agreements centuries after other civilizations would forget them